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The activation button should appear after you scan your first photo to that QR code, preventing you from starting early. If I pre-purchase the one week option and activate it on my phone in the park, do I still have the option to login to my photopass account and add additional photopass cards collected throughout the day? Or once activated on my phone do I always have to use that to connect photos to my account? Yes, you can add cards all day and week long….. Do I have this right? Then I make sure to have all the codes entered into the app before my last park day is done.

Activate on the way out in a photo shop.

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Hi there! Quick question…. Heading to Disney using the 4 day military passes. Thank you for such an informative post! I received a voucher that states that I need to activate it at the parks. Do I need to activate it right when we get there for it to work? Sorry to be so confused. Hey there. Wish I could help! Is there no one at Costco to advise? Hi, Casey.

We just got the same package. That sounds strange.

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You can still use the app during your visit to see each photo, but there will be a water mark on the image until the activation is completed. Hoping Disney rearranges some of this soon. I am loving your blog for all the information! I would like to purchase a Photopass and am leaning towards the Collection option. Would this be the best option for us?

Definitely your best option since it includes the prints from one character meal. Sorry just to clarify….. Thanks again for all your wonderful information. Sorry if I misunderstood.

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Yes, the one week should work just fine for you. You can download and print as you wish. So happy to have come across your blog. Do you suggest just getting the one week photopass? I wanted to have a print out of both character meals though. Thank you in advance!! Is there a package which you can still get all of your images from your trip on a CD like before? I really liked having the CD of our pictures as well as the digital option. Oh no really! Is there a way to get the images on a CD anyway?

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We are going for at least 3 days for sure. We are only doing one character breakfast. The photos are for you to use for personal use only. You may print them as you wish. But, they are not your images. Appreciate your explanation but am still a little confused. We have two character meals scheduled. Would it be better if I purchase the collection option? We are staying for 4 days.

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You got it. No print outs with the Week package. Then you can buy the prints from the second meal if you wish. Week I can purchase online but Collection only at the parks, right? Thank you for your patience and advice. Wow Disney land is expensive for photopass. We just returned in December from WDW. I was hoping DL included it with season pass, but alas only the more expensive ones not the California passes. That gives you unlimited photos for 30 days.

Also the photo studio at bippity boppity bo is photo pass. My daughter did not do the salon yet went in there 3 times in the magic kingdom. Once in her Cinderella dress, once in her Elsa dress, and once in normal clothes. She also went in the studio at Disney springs, here they took 62 pictures. They also had a 3D screen which was very neat and included. No prints, they are all downloads. However you can add stickers, borders, ect.

You get all sorts of magic. They are easy enough to print so no big deal. Do you know if I purchased it in the park if I can use Disney giftcards? My grandmother gave my family them for xmas with the instructions to pay for the photopass and the character meal. We went last January when they were switching the systems over and I paid SO much for photos and only got a few. Thank you for a wonderful explanation of the photopass system.

We are doing a trip with our young kids and extended family in February, and it will be our first since my husband and I were children. This can only be purchased when we get there? For the ride photos do we get a card after the ride? Also, do the bibbity boppity makeover photos come with the photopass collection package? And where is the photopass sales centre located? Thanks again! You may purchase the Collection at either of the photo shops or at a character meal. You will enter the code that you find on your image at the end of the attraction.

If you purchase those, you will receive prints and the code to retrieve those images. Lots more on the BBB here:. Thank you so much!

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Which pass do you believe is best for us to purchase if we want to have it all? Thank you so much for updating this. Just to make sure I understand correctly, Everything is online and I no longer need to go to the photo shop to activate or combine cards? And I still get all my pictures and the license to have them printed at Costco, but I download them instead of receiving a cd in the mail?

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  • I would never have known about it otherwise, and it was the best souvenir I could have gotten on our last trip. The One Day and One Week options can be bought outside of the park.

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    The Collections have to be purchased on site. Each option is a little different. Thanks for asking, Mandy…I was wondering the same thing.