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People love bundles. Both EastLink and Bell offer great bundles, and the majority of their customers take advantage of these packages. EastLink customers used to be able to get a discount if they had cell service with Rogers, but now that EastLink is planning to operate its own wireless network, that relationship has ended.

Eastlink is making good progress towards the launch of our wireless service later this year, which will provide Nova Scotians with more choice and better value. So, pretty darn comparable. The above bundles do not include any HD service. Both include five e-mail accounts. Aliant includes two security features with their bundle, which would cost you extra with EastLink.

I should note that both of the above packages are available at a discounted rate. EastLink has the edge here though, due to the much faster internet speeds. I will however discuss the technology behind both services and how it could affect your internet speeds depending on where you live and so forth in a future post. The big thing to note here is, again, each package is offered at a discount. Contracts, eh? Contracts are seen as inherently evil. I personally attempted to cancel StarChoice now ShawDirect service one time. It was near the end of my contract less than two months away and I called to set a cancellation date.

They told me that if I set it for that date now, I would have to pay a cancellation fee because I was breaking my contract. I then asked what would happen if I called the day my contract ended to cancel.

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They told me they require 30 days notice and I would be charged for one more month of service. So, no matter what I did, I would be paying for thirteen months of service rather than the twelve agreed to in the contract.

Some companies are finally changing their ways because of customer complaints. For its part, Bell Aliant now states:. Contracts have become an industry standard and are viewed as a reciprocal agreement for discounted promotional periods and waived installation fees.

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EastLink does NOT require customers to commit to term contracts. We are committed to earning our customers business every day. Customers do not appreciate contract fine print, or lock in mechanisms, especially when they are experiencing service or billing related issues. While I agree with the sentiment that contracts come part and parcel with discounts, I do not think that they need to be an industry standard when it comes to home internet and television services.

For cell service, it makes sense to require a customer to sign a contract when they are getting a huge discount on a handset. With home services, however, the discounts apply to free installation and money off the monthly cost. EastLink does NOT ask or require customers to commit to a term contract. You can cancel at any time and not have to worry about cancellation fees or anything of the sort. So, that is a basic overview of a few basic issues surrounding this comparison. If shopping local is important to you, maybe EastLink is the company for you.

Which company has the most HD channels? What about OnDemand?

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Whole home PVR? Apps on your TV? My name is Matt. I live in Nova Scotia, Canada.

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I am an educator, a photographer, and a lover of all things technology. Check out the About page for more information. Your best deals comparison information is all wrong.

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You have the prices and theme packs among other things in the wrong column. FibreOp — those are two highest bundles offered by each company. Also, this post is only the first — the next few will go into detail and compare DSL vs. FibreOp, etc. It was just showing what the bottom bundles are. Yes, there is a similar bundle through FibreOp, but this post was just an introduction — I wanted to show all of the options and how confusing it can be to choose.

Does the average customer know the difference, or know to even look for the difference? And again, this post is in an introduction. That was not the intention of this post, and I was very clear about that throughout the post. I completely understand your base point, the sites can be confusing for the average person. I can assure you I do not work for Eastlink.

Raymarine' s Satellite TV antennas bring the same combination of high performance and ease-of-use to your onboard entertainment that you would expect from your home entertainment system. Bell: Model — Bell If you want to go all out, consider the Ultimate Choice package. We noticed that you're not using the latest version of your browser. Watch Live NFL streams for free. Order here.

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It was founded in and offfer confessional educational programs in the field of history and natural science especially astronomy and biology and fairy tales for children. Satellite also offers better picture quality and has the most HD channels available out of all types of TV. Cogeco vs Bell - Help Me Decide. Check out a website, text a friend, send some photos.

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In Stock. Subscribers also can receive free, over-the-air, local TV broadcast stations, regardless of whether or not their satellite TV company offers local-into-local service, by installing a traditional antenna for use in conjunction with their satellite service. Not only is the quality great, but satellite TV packages are typically cheaper than fiber or cable TV. You also have more options to add to that service as TV service providers must offer channels both individually and in packages of up to 10 channels.

Twin Rooms - Accommodating up to 4 persons, the Tropical twin rooms will offer all you need for a fantastic relaxing holiday by the sea. No more monthly charges or hidden fees; just get this tool and you can watch your favorite channels for free. Available to new Bell Satellite TV residential customers in Ontario, where access and line of sight permit. Social Sharing. Shop and save on HD Bell receivers and all the related accessories.

You can do the following: To hide a channel that is currently in the Guide, highlight the channel, and press OK.

Bell Fibe TV provides stunning picture and sound quality. Demand Better. Prices, terms and BT TV content subject to change during the contract term. Watch Sunday night football stream. You can stream, surf, and watch TV both live and on-demand.